GetDataBack by Runtime Software is among the best data recovery software – especially for recovering data from PCs that cannot boot Windows or from an extremely damaged disk via a network connection. This is one of the few file recovery applications that can recover data "remotely" through a network connection or via a serial cable. All you have to do is install a small application called an HDHost on the machine you want to recover data from to access it remotely from another PC running the recovery software. This is easier than having to disconnect the hard drive and connect it to another PC.

This file recovery software is primarily intended to recover data from disks. GetDataBack can restore deleted files, files lost from a partition change, from reformatted disks and more. It can even recover data from a drive that Windows does not recognize. It is also read-only software, which means it will not write over files, which would increase the chance of them being lost permanently. We tested the NTFS version of this software on three different test PCs, and it was able to recover all of our deleted files. However, the file previews were not as good as some of the other products we tested, but the software does relate detailed file information.

Using GetDataBack, you can sort files by file type, date, file size and depth. You can also filter read-only, hidden, system, compressed or deleted files. It will run scans based on how the data was lost too, which can increase the chance of you being able to restore your files.

This recovery software can create disk images. Disk images can be used as a form of data backup, or you can create a disk image of a damaged disk to use to retrieve the data stored on it. It is always safer to pull files from a disk image rather than directly from a damaged disk.

If you have trouble with the software or need to contact customer service, you can contact Runtime Software by telephone or email. They provide support from the United States and Europe in German, English and French. You can also view how-to guides and support documentation, and visit their blog. The company provides a generous one-time license key. You can visit their website and download the newest version of the software at any time using the same license key. They also provide professional recovery services.

GetDataBack Summary:

GetDataBack can recover your lost files if they have not been written over. In addition, the lifetime license is an excellent value. However, if you need to recover more than one file system type or from a RAID array, you will need to purchase more than one version of the application.


GetDataBack 4.33

GetDataBack can recover data via a network connection or serial cable. This is critical if you need to recover data from a disk you cannot remove and attach to another computer.

NTFS and FAT file support is not provided in one product. You have to purchase each one separately, which is inconvenient if you need both. The RAID Reconstructor utility is also an additional purchase.

The Verdict:

This software is effective at recovering files. Runtime Software includes lifetime updates so you never have to purchase an upgrade, which is an excellent deal.