With GetDataBack, your data recovery begins the moment you start the program. Rather than appearing with just a list of recovery options, the splash screen shows you the logical devices and drives. Drilling down through the selected device, you are shown past and existing partition tables up to the available data. We are particularly impressed by this simple yet powerful file recovery tool.

This hard drive recovery software worked best at recovering our damaged SSD picture and video files. It recovered 32% of our damaged SSD files overall, including 81% of our damaged video files and 68% of our damaged pictures. Overall, GetDataBack was the only hard disk recovery software brand we tested to actually recovery all of our lost files from the hard disk drive (HDD). The effective rate of recovery did drop as our scanning became more complex and we looked for damaged and reformatted files. The software shows recovered files as populated tables under found partitions, which allows for fast scrolling to find the exact files you want to recover.

This file recovery software has a deep scanning function that searches for damaged and reformatted files. It also uses a dragnet approach, with means it will gather anything and everything it can find. This can be good, but in the end it results in more work for you.

This data recovery software also happened to have the highest memory use of any of the tested products and took up a noticeable amount of the computer’s processing power on the HDD scan. This matter of processing power may explain some of the other behavior we noticed such as notification speeds. Dialog boxes appeared and disappeared so fast, we couldn’t even read them. This might have to something to do with their duration being timed in cycles rather than seconds, meaning it’s made for computers that are already working under significant loads, or just old.

GetDataBack Summary:

This recovery software shows great potential for recovering from flash memory devices such as hard drives, smart phones, MP3 players and cameras. In our testing, GetDataBack did great at recovering lost files from both solid-state and hard disk drives and even showed great potential with recovered picture and video data from the SSD.


GetDataBack 1.02

This was the only recovery software to recover all of the lost data from our hard disk drive.

GetDataBack was unable to recovery any of our damaged or reformatted office files.

The Verdict:

Much of GetDataBack’s power comes in its ability to recover lost and damaged picture and video files from solid-state drives.