R-Studio is a fine toothed comb that can sift through and recover data. The software performs somewhat below average on its own, but that number improves with the added hex editor that allows you to fix file fragments on your own. However, since that's not an easy task, this software is best for users familiar with doing some of the data recovery work themselves.

In our testing, this data recovery tool was able to find several file fragments from our reformatted data set, but it was not able to assign them a proper format.

R-Studio’s recovery performance fell short of the best data recovery software on both solid-state and hard disk drives, with the exception of recovering large data sets of fragmented files. There’s an excellent chance that R-Studio found a large portion of the fragments from our MOV and MP4 formatted video files, but it identified them as VP6 files. After making a few attempts on our own, the recovery did improve. Many of the files however remained unusable by their default programs.

R-Studio is professional-grade data recovery software. The company offers a Technician Edition, which is made to run the DeepSpar Disk Imager – standard equipment for many professional data recovery facilities around the world. We tested the version designed for home and network users. It is somewhat of a watered down version, but it still provides many of the tools and capabilities for your own attempt at a forensic-level recovery.

This software is a powerful file recovery tool with capabilities well outside the scope of our data recovery review. While it does have the disk imaging and reporting standards that we appreciate, it also offers a hex editor so you can analyze and repair file fragments on your own. It’s being able to remotely scan drives also make it an important addition to your home network. Plus, its built-in disk sanitization feature allows you to wipe clean those old hard drives so you can discard of them without worry of your personal information falling into the hands of strangers.

R-Studio Summary:

R-Studio is a complex set of tools. While other software performed better on the side of data recovery in our tests, R-Studio has other useful capabilities, including remote scanning and a disk sanitation feature. However, much of the recovery work appears left for the user to roll up their sleeves and complete the process with the provided hex editor.


R-Studio 7.5

The built-in hex editor greatly expand the software's recovery capabilities.

R-Studios is a sophisticated hard drive recovery tool with a steep learning curve.

The Verdict:

R-Studio allows you to scan and recover from local and remote PCs, and it offers tools for long-term strategies that include imaging and data destruction.