Of the files that were recovered in our testing of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional, all were of the media category. Along the three tested tiers of data loss – lost, damaged and reformatted – the software found none of our MS Office files. Even of those lost files that should have been the easiest to find, Windows Data Recovery only found 72% of our lost picture files and an average of 36% of our lost MP3s. Otherwise this data recovery software did find all of our lost video files, though that number did understandably drop somewhat when looking for damaged video files. Elsewhere, it found and repaired 98% of our damaged MP3s.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional has some impressive features, including disk imaging for failing hard drives and reporting capabilities for scanned devices. Creating a recoverable disk image is useful as the first step in your recovery operation. It is best begin by creating a reliable clone of your disk that you can scan separate from your drive to minimize potential damage. This is very important when you suspect mechanical issues, but just as important on working machines that can’t afford too much down time, or that have a potential of writing data back to the affected device.

This data recovery software provides you with a complete report of found files at the end of its recovery operation that includes complete and partial files. The recovered files from our own testing were only complete files. Recovery of miscellaneous file fragments that the software reports but does not recover can be attempted on your own with a separate hex editor, or you can send the drive to Stellar Phoenix’s data recovery lab. The lab has experience in many areas of data recovery beyond commercial hard drives, including network servers, email and encrypted files.

While speed was not a determining factor in our testing, we did notice that Windows Data Recovery was the slowest of any of the reviewed file recovery tools. While the speed at which a drive is scanned has no bearing on the recovery results, the speed does mean it will take longer than other software will to find and recover your files. The software did however perform better than average on recovering our overwritten files with an average recovery of 44%. Otherwise, Stellar Phoenix performed below average at recovering our lost data and poorly when asked to find our formatted data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Summary:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is good for recovering your MOV and MP4 files. Not only did it recover those lost video files, but it also found and fixed most of our damage videos as well as a good majority of the MP3 files from our SSD. While the software is pretty light on interactive features, it does have useful disk imaging capabilities.

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional 6.1

In our testing, Stellar Phoenix did very well at recovery and repair of damaged audio, video and picture files.

Windows Data Recovery found none of our Microsoft Office files.

The Verdict:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a solid media recovery tool that performed above average on recovering damaged files.